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Do you need to register in your country ? some imports are deemed for commercial propagation

Can you receive my order and in the next hours ship my parcel ? 

How to send a personal payment with paypal ?

Find any postal code in the world

Aleyagarden location on a map

Why at Aleyagarden they don't reuse last address and packing instructions

Images taken during packing of plants shipped are dated

Risk of frozen plants : how cold it gets with altitude

We can ship parcels with reinforced cardboard

Delivery times, tracking Issues

Sorting stations of the posts and planes work during week ends

Risk of mishandled parcels : an improving situation with a better tracking ?

Is the express option for envelopes and small parcels effective ? 

The steps of a journey on non direct flights are traced

Track the parcel on your own Postal Site here.

Travel is in 38 days, 62% of the rooted Hoya are restarting

41 days in parcel returned from Europe, only 4 dead plants in 37

45 days in mail, still in very good shape

France metropolitan : not an EMS destination ? Incongruities on the rate-page of the Thai post

EMS cost and options within Thailand, shown on the rate page

To be delivered faster which day is best for posting my parcel ?

No information on the tracking site after it says : " Container received " ?.

Plants to the USA : shipping with the Small Air Parcel method.

Postal parcels take the next passenger flight and can arrive surprisingly fast : a shipment to a Post office in a Swiss provincial town took less than 24 hours

Plants in envelopes to Danmark in about 4 days

Envelope of Hoya cuttings to the USA : 8 days.

Small Air Parcels to the USA : 12 days on average ?

Bare cuttings of Hoya shipped by aleyagarden in Small Air Parcels to the USA : 19 days in the mail, but still perfect.

In an envelope to Brasil Hoya archboldiana and Hoya pubicalyx bare cuttings after 23 days in the mail, are still strong.

A Small Parcel Air to Canada took 26 days : report on the state of the plants : Dischidia, Hoya and Euphorbia milii from 0 ( dead ) to 5 ( excellent ).

Fragile Hoya rooted in vial withstand 44 days in the mail.

Plant sizes, pictures of plants sent

Packing by default and free options

In spite of the moist paper and plastic bag the Hoya curtisii dried

Cell decomposition and water in the plastic bag

Why do cuttings travel better ?

You over watered my plants when you packed !

Hoya cuttings shipped with stems in water

EMS service for envelopes : EMS Documents

To Ukraine two Small Parcel Air are quicker and much cheaper than a single Parcel air

Dischidia, Eurphorbia milii and Hoya in the mail 26 days to Canada : report on their state.

Aglaonema in the mail : bare cuttings, no roots, no leaves

Philodendron in envelopes : ready to go !

Gel OR plastic bag

Report from Canada with useful care and culture tips after arrival

Orders off site with calculations

Plants to specific destinations :

Low humidity in a US state in June - July
100% survival rate in a grow room at 85 % humidity


Import rules

Repeat plant importers without permits and the USDA priorities

Post offices offer simplified and ordinary customs procedures.

Does Paypal support avoidance of parcels with custom fees ?

Live plants can't be returned even with their original phytosanitary documents

Can I import live plants without a permit inside asean now or in 2015 ?

Can I get the VAT refund for tourists of the plants I purchased ?

I am in Europe, will I pay taxes, how does taxation work in practice ?
Under 150 eur commercial parcels to EU are not subject to import tax

I will buy plants in Thailand how do I get the phytosanitary certificate ?

Citrus to the EU states are not allowed

Araceae to the EU need an additional certificate for Rodolphus similis

A low value content sent by EMS deemed suspect ? The Italian customs request on the tracking site that consignee contact them.

Import permit missing in Canada 80% plants resist drying 34 days


Cultivation tips


Greenhouse and plastic bags after travel

The red palm weevil Rhynchophorus ferrugineus

Hoya easier to cultivate and more floriferous

Sweden : a place of choice to acclimatize tropical plants from June to September

Here tropical plant growers will find an interesting calculator of Relative humidity 

A relative humidity deficit of 20% impacts plants at 35 Celsius much more than at 20 Celsius

Are all black spots on Hoya signs of disease ?

Hoya with red leaves caused by light

Black spots on Hoya leaves : fungi or pigments ?

Gibberellins reverse the inhibition of shoot growth and dormancy induced by abscistic acid

Chitosan for tropical plants : a fungicide that decreases water loss from the leaves

Xylella fastidiosa one of the most dangerous bacteria

Pros and cons in the use of gel

Hoya Cultivation tips, Easy and difficult species, large and thin stems

Propagation of a Hoya memoria from seeds, more beautiful

Hoya imperialis white : successful with cuts, even when planted with no leaves ?

Hoya monetteae, Hoya diversifolia : leaves and flowers

Hoya erythrina Nara, Hoya erythrina Bajo

Hoya krohniana, does light shape- its heart ?

Hoya identity and seed distribution

Hoya meredithii, Hoya AL6, and unknown Hoya

Hoya imperialis pink and Hoya imperialis red : how do leaves differ ?

Imperialis red, long and narrow leaves

The true Hoya wallichii versus Hoya danumensis

Hoya sp. Ban Nam Tok Bangpla

Hoya plants often praised for their scent

Hoya with visible veins or patterns on leaves

Hoya callistophylla short leaves renamed to sp Kalimantan

Hoya cembra and Hoya odorata : the leaves

Pesticide and growth booster : fermentation in molasses

Three Hoya multiflora :  "big-flowers", "Thai" and "Philippines"

Flowering : why you should not cut old peduncles on Hoya

Hoya brevialata and Hoya incurvula

Fragrant Hoya flowers : hydrosol for homemade soap

Hoya thomsonii :short leaves, long leaves and spotted leaves

Hoya multiflora big flowers, multiflora Thai, multiflora Philippines

Which Hoya have the largest flowers ?

Wich Hoya have the largest leaves ?

Hoya lacunosa Eskimo vs lacunosa Silvery leaves..

Hoya obtusifolioides trimmed : I have received my plant very fast and well packed however..

Hoya lasiantha a fragile plant with a lesser chance of survival

Hoya macrophylla variegated vs white margins : pictures

Hoya megalaster, Hoya megalantha 15 days in the mail

Hoya beautiful wall plants ?

Hoya cv Sunrise and Hoya " Sunaise " , obscura x lacunosa crossing

Hoya danumensis and Hoya cystiantha in vials filled with gelled water

Hoya biakensis and Hoya sp IR 26

Hoya with red leaves : lacunosa x obscura, obscura and sunaise

Hoya gardening in bottles ?

Hoya finlaysonii : which one has the darkest veins ? Here are pictures of the leaves of 9 varieties of finlaysonii

Hoya praetorii : harder to root, smaller, more risky ... and more expensive.

Light and the red color of Hoya cv rebecca

Hoya cuttings that are less likely to survive long trips

Hoya campanulata, a fragile plant with a higher risk

Hoya plants with thicker stems bear less risk of drying out during long travels, some are listed here

Hoyas cuttings for the mail and those that have too thin stems

Growing techniques of ''forced'' plants

Hoya : natural versus artificial conditions of growth

Hoya lasiantha with black spots on leaves

Hoya elliptica with a changing color of the corona

Hoya : how much of light and pH in natural like conditions of cultivation ( nursery plants ) ?

More hoyas with names to check

Hoya oblongata, Hoya palawanica, Hoya myrmecopa, Hoya merrillii : beautiful bare cuttings coming in an envelope with bubbled plastic sheet

Hoya cv " Ruthie"

Hoya elliptica clone B gives seeds at aleyagarden

Hoya seeds, biodiversity

Hoya seeds : which medium is best for travels ?

Hoya mindorensis red star seeds : high germination

Do Hoya seeds prefer darkness ?

Hoya patella seeds germinate 52 days after collect

Lots of Hoya seeds from the same pod grow at different rates

Chance seedlings result from open pollination in nature and gardens

Growing Hoya seeds : it is not fungi that we saw through the tissue

15 days in a humid plastic bag, almost all Hoya patella seeds germinate

All Hoya AL5 seeds germinate enclosed in toilet paper.

Germaination of Hoya UT033 between layers of humid papers

Hoya flagellata seeds germinate two months after collect

True to type Hoya seeds, pure breeds and new plants

Hoya identities and seed distribution

Broken seeds in envelope

Hoya lacunosa seedlings that look different

One third of Hoya lobbii Black II seeds germinate 3 weeks after sowing

Hoya seeds : the FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

Hoya seeds : the Germination tests

Hoya seeds, beneficial fungi and lethal infections

Herbs, Spices, Your health, Cosmetics and Fragrances

Is your Thanaka-powder safe ?

Doctors say bacteria cause 40% of back pain

Cats whiskers tea ( Orthosiphon stamineus ) active against breast and colon cancers, non genotoxic

Moringa oleifera : benefits per capsule, ideas for hides

Great-tasting seeds in healthy salads packed with flavor and crunch

Compensate for missing vegetables with tropical plant powders

Are the expensive Moringa capsules cost effective against our vegetables ?

Dry moringa oleifera and dry broccoli : their mineral content

Easily assess the quality of a natural antibiotic dried plant

No time for vegetables, I sprinkle Moringa oleifera everywhere

Acanthus ebracteatus in sweet drinks treat sore throats. Studies show more effects on tumors in mice

Clitoria ternatea extract more efficient than drugs against Herpes simplex

Wouldn't various teas be a better protection than the single Camellia sinensis ?

Salones de te and llajwa : contributions to low cancer rates in Bolivia ?

Herb - infused Honey without alcohol 

Popular African spice blends and recipes

Uncooked freshwater fish and some fermented food in Thailand

Hawayij : recipe of a protective blend in saudi Arabia

Guava leaves in health products

Mosquito repellent, Moringa oleifera and Caesalpinia pulcherrima extracts tested

Hibiscus sabdariffa : Roselle tea

Tinospora crispa stems with antioxidant and antiradicals properties

Ripe durian may need caution

Cassia alata leaves in a natural quick weigh loss tea

Stevia rebaudiana whole dried leaves

Gingko biloba leaves : anti aging of the brain

Bael dried fruits make excellent teas

Soap and fragrance making : a fun activity for the kids

Make a non itching shampoo with Citrus-hystrix ( Bergamot )

Hoya : make perfume with the flowers ?

Glycerin and water added to soap make bubbles 

Calculate the ingredients in soaps

Weights of hydrated Hoya flowers for distillation

Fun with Plant Curiosities

Plants.that may detoxify air in our homes

Mimosa pudica the "touch me not " plant who can remember 40 days


Black Adenium : can many seeds be available ?!

Allamanda, Mandevilla, Urichites

Mandevilla and Urichites 10 days to Russia by EMS, a warm bath of the whole plants should follow.


Terminalia catappa dried leaves : aquarium conditioners for the healing and nestling of fish.

Mangrove plants packed 10 days bare roots and repotted

Mangrove plants filtering a soft water " aquarium "

Wholesale orders

Packing plants : how we guarantee freshness, aeration, low light and fast operations

Liability, shipments that are illegal or beyond normal risks

How much does it roughly cost to ship to my airport ?

Have your freight agent at your airport dispatch the parcels : you shorten travel times, save on maintenance, decrease transport cost and reduce your workload.

I will open my plant shop, will lower prices than competitors draw me consumers ?

Should I grow every plant that I sell or specialize and trade ? Behind the efficient networks of gardens in Thailand : the Ricardo law of comparative advantage

Assessment of the transport cost for you proforma : 3 options are available.

Method of payment for wholesale orders to airports.

Minimum of order : example.

Plants available retail can be added to a wholesale order.

Plant shipped with a risk beyond normal, the question of the liability.

Terms used by cargo agents.

Limitations imposed by the bureaucratic environment of the export of plants.

Address parcels to your own name instead of your company's name

Item 40 of the Annex IV ( EU ) deciduous, dormant, differing interpretations need information by the phytosanitary office before plants are imported

Are Hoya herbaceous perennials ?

Essential words in the Annex IV understood in diverse manners : consequences.

Item 40 of the annex IV : deciduous, dormant with differing interpretations

Hoya , Fern and other plant collections are for sale on Plant care is available in various posts of this blog. Contact :

Find all Aleyagarden posts on this page, address :


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